Jon's DesEdit Page

  DesEdit was a freeware editor I released (on the Internet) in 1996. It allowed users to manipulate and build levels for the 3D action game Descent.

DesEdit was written in Visual Smalltalk. All the 3D code was done in Smalltalk, with the only primitive (aside from normal Smalltalk primitives) being the flat 2D polygon fill routine.

Here are some screen-shots of DesEdit:

One of the neat things about this editor was the way the "view" works in relation to moving objects. Normally, in a 3D editor, you move objects in planes corresponding to the fixed 2D view you are using (top, left, front). I decided that you should be able to constrain the motion plane independently of the view, and just use a single free-motion 3D view.

Last year I stripped the 3D engine out of DesEdit and ported it to Squeak. Unfortunately, Squeak (at that time) was about 7 times slower than Visual Smalltalk, so it didn't end up being really useful.


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