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I decided to take a break from working on MicroSeeker for a while, and build some autonomous mini-sumo robots. I will be entering these bots in the Western Canadian Robot Games which is held in Calgary every May.

Drone-01-small.jpg (8749 bytes) This is Drone, the first one I built. It is pretty much fully functioning now, although I still need to add a couple more bottom-facing IR sensors.
Seeker-06-small.jpg (18255 bytes) This is Seeker, my stealth autonomous mini-sumo. It is almost finished.

Update - I have discontinued work on Seeker -- it has some subtle design flaws, so I have replaced it with Seeker II, seen below...

This is Seeker II, my new stealth autonomous mini-sumo design.

Seeker II has had a nice run (5 years), so its time to replace it with a new one...

Seeker 2x
This is Seeker IIx, which replaces Seeker II as my "stealth autonomous mini-sumo".
This is Seeker III, my latest full sized sumo design.
both-01-small.jpg (23174 bytes) And here are Seeker and Drone together -- Seeker has the first coat of paint on the shell, and Drone has the two IR sensors mounted, and is fully operational as a mini-sumo robot.

Drone is a little overweight now -- I had to add two more AAA batteries, and with those and the two IR ranger-finders, it weighs in at about 550 grams, so I need to put it on a diet :-) There are a few places I can change materials and remove excess material, and I should be able to bring the weight down to where it is legal...

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