Welcome to Jon's Survivalism Page...

So aren't survivalists just a bunch of kooks with guns running around the woods, having macho fantasies in camoflauge???

Well, actually,....................no.

There are certainly a great number of people who subscribe to the above mentioned policies; however, most survivalists are just average men and women who don't like having to rely on outside sources when situations get bad.

How do you define a survivalist? A survivalist is someone who takes precautions against bad things that don't normally happen.

  • Anyone who wears a seatbelt while in a car is a survivalist.
  • Anyone who puts a flashlight or candles in a drawer for when the power goes out is a survivalist.
  • Anyone who buys life insurance when they're young is a survivalist.

Of course, like most things in life, survivalism has its degrees. Most people follow one or more of the above definitions. That is a mild, and socially acceptable form of survivalism.

A lot of discussion on survival and survival-related topics goes on in misc.survivalism