Welcome to Jon's Outdoors Page...

As you may have guessed, I enjoy outdoor activities a fair amount. Specifically, I like:
  • Wilderness Camping (preferably with a touring kayak, but a canoe will do if I can't find a kayak)
  • Archery (I have a few pieces of some super-dense exotic hardwood that have been well on their way to becoming the limbs for a nice recurve bow for the last three or four years :-)
  • Rock Climbing (okay, I haven't done any real climbing yet, but I will)
  • White Water Kayaking (see Rock Climbing)
  • Four Wheeling (see my Jeep page)

As you can see, I have a lot more interests than time or money, but I think it's much better (and more interesting) to be interested in a whole bunch of things. Did I say "interesting" enough times in the last sentence? Do you find that interesting?

Anyway, I really enjoy the outdoors. I can go into the woods, and sit on a log for hours, just listening to the quiet. I guess I'm not a big fan of certain types of noise. I can drive in a car for hours without any music or radio on, but at the same time I like the sound a big-block racing engine makes. Of course, I wouldn't want to listen to a racing engine for eight hours straight, but listening to the water stream along the sides of a fast trimaran or a kayak is something I could do for a long time :-)