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This project was somewhat simpler than the on-board air system to fabricate. The only tricky part was building a small bracket to attach my old alternator bracket (from my pre-on-board air setup) to my water pump. This location is where the power steering pump would go if I had power steering, which I don't.

The bracket was made from a couple small pieces of 2" x 3/16" mild steel bar, which were bolted together (I'll weld it at some point). This attached to the alternator mount, and the upper mounting hole on the water pump, and another mounting hole on the thermostat housing. The bottom of the alternator bracket bolted to the lower water pump mounting hole. I sized a belt (42 inches), and ran it around the crankshaft and water pump extra pulley, and the alternator pulley. The belt is tensioned using the alternator's swing mounting.

As you can see in the diagram above, the wiring is fairly straight-forward, and much simpler than the portable welder setup I did over Christmas.

First, run a wire from the positive post on the battery, using an inline fuse (not sure how big, I haven't added one yet...), to a pair of resistors in series, and then to a toggle switch. From the other side of the toggle switch, run to the #1 terminal on the voltage regulator of the modified alternator.

Next, run the #4 wire from the battery post on the back of the alternator to a convenient location, and mount the end so it is well insulated from touching any part of the Jeep. If you have a higher output alternator (like, say, 100 amps), you may want to go up to #2 or even bigger wire.

That's basically all there is to it. Connect the positive jumper cable to the post, and the negative one to ground on the alternator case or mount. Buy a rod holder (you can get one at OSH for about $12.00), or build one like either the simple or complex one I did, and go welding.

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