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One of the most interesting projects I have done with my Jeep to date is fabricating a custom on-board air system. I decided that I could spend some money getting something fancy like a new battery or sway-bar disconnects, or I could do something really useful like on-board air. Not only would it allow me to air up my tires, but also run air tools while I'm on the trail (or in the garage, for that matter).

My initial budget estimate for this project was $150, which turned out to be right on the money. The idea was to do it as cheap as possible while still using new hardware (except the compressor & tank).

What I hope to do on these pages is give a thorough description of what I have done, with diagrams, photographs, and text. Enough to let anyone who wants to do this know exactly what's involved, where you can get the parts for good prices, and why things are done particular ways (or at least why I do things a particular way). Some of the information in here is stuff I've learned the hard way; much of it is advice gleaned from conversations with various people, magazine articles, and other web pages.

So, here it is, my on-board air experience...

What do you need to build an on-board air system?

Once you've gathered all the parts, you can put it together.

Some final thoughts...

I'd like to thank Scott Nichols and Joe Maleski (both from the Jeep-List) for providing me with valuable advice during the design phase of this project.

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