I've been looking at the gumstix, which is a very cool little single-board computer that runs Linux, and (of course) Squeak. My brother Dave ported the Squeak VM to the gumstix, and we'll be using it on a new robot we're working on together.

Update: I'm currently using this gumstix on a new robot, Micro Rover.

Here's some pictures of the gumstix -- its a pretty small machine for the power that it has. I will probably use this SBC in my next AUV. You can click on any of these pictures for a bigger version.

Here's the back side of the Gumstix, with a 128 MB MMC card. Here's a really big version of this image (480 KB)
Here's the front side. Here's a really big version of this image (483 KB)
Here it is, sitting on the middle finger of my left hand.
And the other side.
And here's a picture of the gumstix, mounted on the waysmall board, in the case, all plugged in.

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